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243 Red Top Rd
Lumberton, MS 39455-5214

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13 Jun 2017: VU4YC cards have arrived from the printer and will begin going out soon.
3 Jun 2017: All VU4YC logs have been uploaded to LoTW by James.
20 May 2017: VU4YC QSLs have been ordered from the printer. Anticipate arrival from UX5UO in 15-30 days. QSLing will begin soon after that.
12 May 2017: VU4YC is now QRT and log has been added to my OQRS application below. If you don't find your QSO(s) send me a note for a manual check. James plans to upload to LoTW at a later date.
5 May 2017: James, 9V1YC and Deepak, VU2CDP will be active for about a week from Andaman and Nicobar Islands, VU4. They will both be signing VU4YC. I will be handling QSLs for this event and logs will be added to my OQRS page AFTER the event. Please note that cards will need to be designed/printed after the event so there will be a 60 day or longer delay in cards going out.
10 Feb 2017: Abubaker, 5A1AL has decided to begin managing his own QSLs again. As of today all requests must go to him. He is establishing OQRS via ClubLog. I will be processing all requests received as of this date, both OQRS and direct mail. Direct mail requests I receive after today will be forwarded to Abubaker for processing and my OQRS page for 5A1AL will be disabled on 11 Feb. All other stations I manage below remain unchanged.
Log Search and
Online QSL Request System (OQRS)

Here you are able to search the logs of many of the stations I manage and request a direct paper
QSL via OQRS and PayPal. Begin by selecting a log to search from the pulldown and entering a call to search within that log.
Press Search to see all of the entered call's QSOs in the selected log and then follow the instructions on each of the subsequent pages.
Once you have made a request you can use this lookup to check the status.
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Stations Managed By W5UE as of May 2017







VU4YC Andaman and Nicobar Islands All Activity XW1YC 9V1YC from Laos All Activity
4W/N1YC Timor Leste All Activity ZP5YW Paraguay All Activity
ZF2AW K6AW Pre 2014 WPX CW ONLY NA5NN 599 DX Association Club Call All
EY3M/EY8ZE Tajikistan ( by K6AW) CQWW CW 2011 and pre/post activity 9V1YC Singapore (James Brooks) All
AK6W/K6AW Contests All since 2013 (no old logs at this time) N1YC/VK9X Christmas Island All
9V9HQ IARU HQ Contest Station All


Galapagos Islands 


K5S / K5Z East Ship Island, MS (NA082) Oct 16-19 2008


Galapagos Islands 

March 2004 and Later


Galapagos Islands 

Nov/Dec 2009 & March 2010 ONLY



Feb 11-13 2005 

HC8/K6AW Galapagos Islands CQWW RTTY 2010 and Pre-contest


Round Island, MS (NA082) 

Oct 1-3 2004 


MS Sandhill Crane NWR 

Oct 16-17, 2009, Oct 15-17 & 23, 2010 


Pre-Contest Activity 2003 

Oct 21-27 2003 


2003 CQWW SSB 

Oct 25-26 2003 


2002 CQWW SSB 

Oct 26-27 2002 


Dauphin Island, AL (NA213) 

Feb 2001 / Mar 2002 


Pre/Post Contest Activity 

Oct 2001 / Oct 2002 


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